Specialist Search and Rescue teams provide 24/7 resources to emergency services that are available 365 days a year at no cost.

These resources are proven to find people and save lives. Search Dog Heroes now adds additional resources in the form of trailing dogs that use the scent from a personal article to search for a specific individual.

People who are at risk of unintentionally going missing are being invited to take advantage of the Search Dog Heroes scent kit. This provides them, or their carers, with the means to store a scent article that can be used by the trailing dog to locate them when reported missing.

The kit also contains a descriptive form that is completed in anticipation of their going missing and provided to the police to give comprehensive information to assist in their recovery.

It is essential that deployment takes place as soon as possible to enable the early location and recovery of the missing person and we are working with police forces across the UK to share protocols for deployment, the details of which can be found through the Force Control Room.

In line with other Search and Rescue resources, this is a free service that will help save police time and resources when searching for a missing person.

This is a developing national project and resources are not yet available in all parts of the country. Please check with us or your local Lowland Rescue team to see if we are available in your area. Police Officers should also check with their force control room.

This information is for police and emergency services only. Members of the public are advised to report a missing person directly to the police as soon as possible.