About Search Dog Heroes

The Search Dog Heroes project is delivering awareness to thousands of families nationally whose loved-ones are living with dementia, learning disabilities or mental health problems; all of which are linked with high risk disappearances, by delivering educational tools to advise on how to prevent disappearances and how to prepare for them. This includes how to capture a person’s scent and safely store it in case the worse happens, through a designed scent toolkit.

Somebody is reported missing every 90 seconds in the UK, and for some, the risk of going missing is high. People such as living with dementia, or learning disabilities, or a condition that affects orientation, can sometimes leave home and struggle to find their way back. Contributing factors such as extreme weather and other medical conditions or needs could increase their risk of coming to harm whilst away.

Search Dog Heroes aims to provide preparation and prevention resources to families and carers who are worried about a person going missing. To help with the search, new specialist, trailing search dogs are being trained to follow an article of scent, which could drastically reduce search areas and quickly find a missing person. These new dogs and their handlers will be deployed with Search and Rescue teams across the UK.

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